Sunday, October 4, 2009


We're slowly descending our way down off Base Camp. Day before yesterday was a long tortuous ride over some of the worst corrugated gravel roads you could ever imagine. Really tested the bikes and the body.
We spent the night at a hot springs guest house and had a great get together in the restaurant there with all the crew. A few local beers and noodles for dinner. Not too late to bed but unfortunately the locals partied most of the night in the communal hot baths in the centre of the guest house so not a lot of sleep was had.
Yesterdays cycle was a leisurely flat ride on bitumen, pretty uneventful but a pleasant change to the rough gravel we've been on the past week.
Ride feels like its winding down. Just got a few days descending now as we progress back to Kathmandu by Thursday. Tomorrow we descend 1 km down to 3800 mts and below the snow line.
Temperature not getting into double digits where we are and the nights mostly below zero and windy. Rattles the tents through the night.
The talk in the group now is reflective of where we have been and what we are going to do when we get to Kathmandu. Most intend on doing a bit of shopping and finding a good restaurant.
May not be able to do too many more blog updates either as I will lose signal in the next days after leaving China and re-entering Nepal. Will try and get at least another update in before then.

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  1. It's been so great to have these updates from you. What an amazing journey... People dream of doing things like this, but not many people actually follow through & do them! xo