Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Camp 1

Arrived safely to camp 1..ride of 80 odd kms out of Lhasa along the Friendship Hwy. Nice site beside a stream where we all took the chance to hop in have a very very cool wash!
Nice flat ride but road had a lot of glass and bindiis off road. We all suffered punctures...11 in all! A record for this tour company apparently.
Travelled through quite a few villages today and had time to get to know the locals while punctures were being fixed. Kids flocked to us from everywhere which was a bit of fun...very cute.
Weather is kind. A bit showery out of Lhasa but fined up to a brilliant day...quite a contrast to the dust storms back home in Aus. So far temps been in the 20's. This is our first night outdoors so will be interesting to see how cool it gets in the tent.
Tomorrows ride only about 60 kms but a pretty significant pass to cross first up. About 1000 mts climb over 17 km I'm told so we'll see.
Looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight so don't think it'll be too late before I hit the hay.

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