Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tough Day

Was a really tough day today. Rolled out around 9 in very cool conditions on our way to Everest. Climb was 1100 mts over 23 kms on gravel finishing at 5200 mts! Not a lot of air at that altitude so needless to say quite a few didn't make it. Took a photo of my Garmin as my evidence of conquering the beast! Good view of Mt Everest at the top. Gradient not much the issue, just lack of oxygen. I rate it up there with d'Angrilu in Spain in terms of toughness.. Descent was 35 kms but badly corrugated and far from pleasant. Couple of stacks but no injury to speak of thank goodness.
Tomorrow we venture to Base Camp which is another 900 mts climbing but more gentle I'm told.
Looking forward to a good sleep tonight. Reckon we earned our money today.

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