Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 5

Just pulled into Shigatse where we'll spend our last night in a hotel before our next stint out camping. Great days riding today, very flat 95 k's and a glorious day. We've come down again to just under 4000 mts after climbing over 5000 mts on our last pass.  Air pretty thin up at that level but lungs coped quite ok. Photo is of Cormac Troy and I at the top of the pass we did yesterday just a tick under 5000 mts.
Cross another small pass tomorrow but we won't climb up too high again for a couple days as we edge closer to Base Camp. We're due in there on 1st but there is talk it may be closed for Chinese 60th Anniversary celebrations so we be adjusting itinerary to get in earlier.  Been a good break to get in a hot shower these last couple nights. We camp now for about the next 5 nights. Trip is really well supported by a team of 10 Tibetans and Nepalese. Every break they have our food organised and in camp tents all erected. Great bunch of people and very friendly even though they cannot understand us or we them!

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