Thursday, September 24, 2009

Camp Day 2

I was 23 kms and a climb to nearly 4800 mts! All went well with everyone over the top ok. The Toowoomba boys were all up in the first few and was an hour or so for the last of our crew to reach the top.  Was a cold wait as it started to snow and our warm gear was in the van back with the main bunch. The local Tibetans at the top took pity on us and herded us into their shelter. Everyone really friendly but you do have to keep a bit of an eye on your gear as we've been warned it can walk.
We're camped down a bit lower at 4500 mts. Couple of the crew are having some altitude issues so doctors have been dishing out medication. Touch wood I've been good with only some mild headaches. Maybe the altitude training back home is paying off. The climb today felt quite good with no real issues on the way up.
Just in the mess tent and sleet starting to fall...must be cold! Seems to rain of a night and days holding off for us making for good riding.
Got a great bunch of people with plenty of laughs. Next couple days reasonably flat apparently so will be a bit easier. One more night of camping after tonight before we bunk down in hotels for the next couple nights. Everyone looking forward to a hot shower and charge up all the phones and nav gear. 
Really enjoying the experience. Already getting glimpses of the Himalayas and is truly spectacular.

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  1. Wow Greg!! Sounds like you are having a great time. We are enjoying keeping up with your adventures. Keep peddling hard, you will get there I am sure. What an amazing experience. Cheers, Tania, Geoff & Kids